Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Are Specialized

There are many beautiful cities in our mission and I thought a picture of one of the oldest cities known as Cadiz would be fun. It is a very old city and is full of history with Roman ruins and mosques and cathedrals. It is completely surrounded by water except for one small strip of land that is part of the city and which connects it to the rest of Spain. It has beautiful sandy beaches and is a favorite tourist spot for many people.
But we are not here for the beaches, we are here to bring souls unto Christ. Elders Bennett and Waite are continuing the wonderful work that is going on in Jerez.
Elders Ferriera and Masterson had a wonderful baptism in Algeciras. They have 6 more baptismal fechas. Way to work Elders.
Elders Travis and Pratt are enjoying the fruits of their success in Cartegena 1.
And then for the work of the week, Specialized training in every zone. We started off the week in Malaga where the missionaries are practicing their invitations to baptize. Elder Thatcher and Hna Rojas are learning from each other.
Of course, at the end of each training, we have to sing the mission song.
The Malaga Zone is working hard and we felt a wonderful spirit there on Monday.
Elder Sanchez treated the whole zone to brownies. O.K. Zone Leaders everywhere I think this is a good example of a Zone Leader loving his Zone, don't you think?
We loaded the car for the next 5 days of traveling throughout the mission. We almost didn't have enough room for the ayudantes. Are you back there Elders Solari and Brian?
We were so pumped in Granada. We had a wonderful training on Tuesday.
Things were going great in Elche. Hna's Ackerman and Woffinden were testing their skills with their Zone Leader Elder Kusseling. I think Elder Brian approved.
This half of the Elche Zone are always ready to extend baptismal invitations with all the people they are finding in Elche.
That night I was able to be a missionary with Hna Cluff. We visited with Elder Castellon (a former Bilbao missionary) and his bride Estefani and his mother and younger brothers. We had a great family home evening with them.
Hna Cluff was a great sport to take her "oldie" around with her!!
As we said good-bye we had to take a picture of all of us. Hermanas rock!
The next day in Murcia we found missionaries ready to learn and to commit to do better.
The second half of the Elche Zone are a great looking bunch of Elders and Hermanas. It's fun to see a few new faces in the crowd.
On to Sevilla which is the biggest zone in the mission. They are also studying just before we begin the training. It is important to stay focused as a missionary.
Here is the entire zone smiling except we didn't get our picture taken before Elder Burdette and Stowell had to leave. They are in the picture earlier in the back on the right side. They were just being diligent to get back to their area in time to continue teaching their investigators with baptismal dates. They have two right now. Hey, but someone else is also missing.
Hermana Ramirez, we don't want to forget you. She and Hna Hidalgo are doing great things in Casares.
Finally on to San Fernando where we find Elder Masterson in a new suit with a new look! Yes, you would look different too if you had lost 30 lbs or so since you came to the mission in July. Rebajas is the time to buy and he found a great suit that fits.
Elder Langston also found a great new suit but he didn't loose 30 lbs. He was the trainer of Elder Masterson and Elder Masterson just wanted to look like his papa!
Elder Waite surprised us with a harmonica accompaniment to the guitar with Elder Bennett. They performed "The Army of Helaman." We told Elder Waite we didn't know he played harmonica. His response was, "Neither did I till I bought one at the chino store last week."
Everyone in the San Fernando Zone is ready to be consecrated missionaries as is the rest of the mission. We returned home tired, but happy to feel of the wonderful spirit of the mission and how each and every missionary is ready to teach and preach with more purpose and more determination to do the will of the Lord.

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