Sunday, January 9, 2011

Training and Visitors

Our 1st baptism of the new year was Tafi. She was a golden investigator, a great way to bring in the new year.
Our office staff is enjoying the font with a view! They really work hard to help keep the mission running. l. to r. Elders Bullen, Niebergall, Solari and Brian.
I can always count on this Elder to send me some great photos of Spain. This is taken in Jerez. The elder is.....?
Elder Bennett. Thanks Elder Bennett. Looks like you were having a good p-day.
We were so happy to see the smiling faces of Elders Burdette, Waite and West as we started our District Leader Training. It was a great training with a lot of enthusiasm.
Elder Redd is practicing his piano playing. We were grateful for his talents. Elder Solari is getting the hymn books passed out.
Elder Adams, Stanley, Avellar and Ward are all preparing themselves for the training. The spirit of this training was fantastic.
Elder Fredrickson is taking notes or writing in his journal things he can do to help his district in Cartegena.
Elder Fetzer is in a very pensive mood. There are a lot of great things happening in the LaMancha District and Elder Fetzer is leading the way.
The training went well with many great ideas and suggestions from everyone.
They gathered their lunches to go back to their areas. Elder Stanley is eager to have things move forward in Badajoz.
We took this picture from the side of the house. We are grateful for the many hours of service and organization that our District Leaders do to keep the mission working hard.
Hey, talk about too many cooks in the kitchen, what is this? Too many Zone Leaders that are so hungry they will do anything to get the food out, right?
There is a lot of excitement for Zone Leader counsel and Elder Langston wants to make sure everything is ready.
Elder Kusseling and I are planning our strategy in French while Elder Brian is looking real excited about something.
That excitement is about having Elder Causse in the mission home. He came to the area to train the Stake Leaders of Sevilla and Granada but spent one day with the missionaries at the Zone Leader Council. It was a great morning where we talked about consecrating ourselves in our mission efforts. It was wonderful. Elder Kusseling and Elder Causse enjoyed catching up on things going on in France.
At the end there were many questions but not enough time to answer all of them. Elder Causse is a wonderful servant of the Lord, what a privilege to have him in the mission home and with some of our missionaries. His message will be taken to everyone throughout the mission.
Elder Taylor is packing up to go on his long ride back to Murcia.
Elder Velasquez and Elder Goodman made sure they got their lunches to go.
A quick hug from the Presidente as Elder Smith is racing to the van. We didn't have time for a group picture.
Later that night in Malaga the ayudantes were able to get a picture taken with Elder Causse.
Also the Zone Leaders of Malaga, Elders Sanchez and Wardell.
The next day we were in Sevilla with Elder Causse and Elder Lopez. We did some visiting and had a marvelous visit with Laura and her mother. Little Laura is having back surgery in a few days. She was an inspiration to us all.
The Elders of Israel off to the church for the training of the leaders of the Sevilla Stake.
This was a great moment grabbing a quick bite to eat before the training started. This is a classic cafe in Spain. Notice the ham legs hanging in the background. Can't you just smell that pata negra! From l. to r. Elder Lopez, Elder Causse, Pte. Blanco, and Pte. Clegg. Our visit was short but filled with many wonderful teachings and also filled with the spirit of the Lord. We love you Elder Causse, a bientot!


  1. Well the Kitchen is Elder Froberg's favorite spot at home too:) those where great pictures we love you Brent

  2. Faustino Lopez was my mission president! Oh, how wonderful it is to see him in your pictures!