Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lot's of White Happening in Malaga

We are not the only ones that think the Book of Mormon is the "cat's meow!"
Baptisms, baptisms, in the New Malaga Mission we baptize! Alicante is leading the way.
Alcala had some great baptims
More baptisms, it's what we do.
Malaga can't be left out!
Murcia likes the look of white.
They just don't want to quit, they baptize in Murcia.
The Priesthood is alive and well in Murcia.
One of the many castles all over Spain. This one was sent to us by Elder Bennett who is currently serving in Jerez.
What are you taking aim at Elder Bennett with an umbrella?
This week we welcomed Hna Sturgess to the New Malaga Mission. She loves to smile and we are all smiles to welcome her here.
The office came to welcome her to the mission.
Her orientation went well. So many details to learn, but that is what a trainer is for.
Where is she going? This is the best part of orientation.
She's excited to be going to Elche and serve with Hna Cluff. Welcome to the best mission on the planet!
She worked the night with the Hermanas in Malaga and was on her bus in the morning for Elche.
This doesn't mean too much to people at home, but this means a lot to me. It means I passed my driving exam. It took a lot longer than needed because when we left Bilbao I was in the process of getting my new I.D. I had to wait until December to do the driving test and this week I passed it. Most new drivers have to have the L on the car, but because we are experienced drivers, we don't have to, but it's great to have. I've earned it!


  1. Yea for so many baptisms that is awesome! Your new missionary looks like and sounds like she will be great:) Way to go mom! We are all so proud!

  2. Great job Momma! And who has a kitty cat? That looks like the Ashton's Tigerlily.

  3. I know Elder Avellar's mom was absolutely thrilled to have received a phone call from you on his birthday. It meant the world to her and she was so happy to tell the family and I about it. Thank you for having this blog for all of the family to see!