Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Love White

Elder Wallace and Elder Thatcher are busy in the Malaga 3 ward. They like baptisms so much they have a few more baptisms this next week.
Baptisms are happening all over the mission. Elder Phillips and Elder Larsen have been very busy in Lorca. We love seeing families and friends getting baptized.
Elder Adams and Elder Hamilton are trying to make an eternal family come to pass. Baptism is the first step to reach these wonderful goals.
Jerez just keeps on baptizing! Elder Waite and Elder Bennett love all the references from Paco, the man on the right. He is bringing references of friends all the time and they are joining the church. What blessings are coming to the faithful in Jerez. What else are they doing in Jerez?
They had an open house and invited the mayor and other people in the government in Jerez. Pte. Lopez, the Cadiz Stake President, came and enjoyed explaining all about the gospel to them.
Many people came to enjoy the displays and instruction.
The gospel is true and there is no more exciting thing than to share it with others.
They left very interested and informed of who we are in Jerez.
Taking a little break from their work. Elder Bennett knows the Book of Mormon is the key.
What, more new missionaries? Yea, Elder Shaver is in Fuengirola. One of the first who didn't have to visa wait.
He came with Elder Corradi from France. Two great looking Elders that we need. We are so excited to have them here.
Elder Shaver needs to know all that is in his packet. Lot's to learn when you are new.
Elder Solari remembers when he was first in the mission. Wow, that has been awhile hasn't it Elder Solari? Yea, but he loves his mission and we are so glad he does. He is a great example for all of us of dedication and joy.
Elder Shaver found out he is going to Huelva. He gets to be trained by Elder Fagersten, what a great assignment.
Elder Moss would like to get on the train and go back with Elder Corradi up to LaMancha. Elder Corradi is going to be opening Puertollano with his trainer in the new Zone of LaMancha. And the Frenchman's companion is...?
Elder Kusseling, our other Frenchman!! Vive la France! They are so excited and so are the members in Puertollano who have been without missionaries for a long time.
Yes, two great new missionaries that are ready to grow up fast and dig in and work.
One more picture of one Pte. with ancestry from England and 3 Frenchmen! (well, Hna Clegg is half french, and that counts for something.)

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  1. Thank you for putting this blog together! :) My brother is your newest rookie...Elder Shaver! He truly is amazing and such an inspiration and blessing to our family. He has a heart of gold and is very open to doing what is right and living by the spirit, I do miss him! Please make sure to give him a hug from his older sister Elisa. Thank you again for posting the pics and send him our love from Arizona! :)

    Elisa Schaub