Sunday, February 13, 2011

Missionaries and Miracles

We received so many missionaries this week I thought we would start with our only sister that came, Hna Capener. She is adorable and so excited to be going to Sevilla with Hna Frandsen.
Our most exciting personal news is the birth of our #12 grandbaby, Sarah Jane. She is being held by our #1 granddaughter, Ellie, who happens to be her big sister. Sarah was born on February 10th and baby and mother, our daughter Nikki, are doing great. Future missionaries!
Baptisms make everybody happy. Way to go Elders Travis and Pratt.
Algeciras is still baptizing. It is so great to see a family come into the church. The mom was already a member. Oh wonderful day! Elder Masterson and Ferreira have been doing an incredible work here.
Hermana Sturgess and Cluff are loving life in Elche. You've got to love the smiles.
We started off the week with Zone Leader Council. It was great as always.
Elder Christensen say's I don't see anything?
3 cheers for new missionaries. Seven came on Tuesday and we all jumped for joy.
Aren't they great, studying the mission manual.
Elder Bailey is so excited to be going to Motril and work with Elder Avellar. They will make a great team.
Elder Peterson is going to Jaen, with all the olive trees and a great trainer, Elder Marchello
Elder Crawford was excited because he gets to start in Lorca with Elder Phillips.
Elder Thornley isn't sure of where he might go.
He is going with Elder Bailey to Motril to be with Elder Biamont, now that's a great combination.
Elder Thomas is thinking, I can do Elche. And his companion is?
The only missionary that is taller than him in the mission, Elder Taylor. Elder Solari is feeling small. Elder Taylor stayed after Zone Council to take his new companion home with him.
Elder Pedersen was patient and surprised to find out that he is staying in Fuengirola?
And right behind him was his companion, Elder Solari. Now that is a match made in heaven. Off they went to their areas, ready to work and very needed in the mission.
Two days later, seven more show up. It's raining missionaries and we LOVE it.
They are reading the manual too, way to go Elders.
We enjoyed our lunch out on the deck. Wow, early February and eating outside. There are some definite perks to living on the costa del sol!
Time for Elder Forrest to find out his first area. Granada and he is with Elder Christensen. With his great smile, Elder Forrest will do great with Elder Christensen.
Elder Lignell is going to the promised land, Almeria to be trained by Elder Beck. He doesn't know how great it is there, but he will find out soon. It rains baptisms in Almeria.
Elder Bradley scored a touchdown by getting Malaga 3 with Elder West. Nice town to start in.
Elder Staples knows it won't be Idaho, but Granada is a great option with Elder Goodman as his trainer.
Elder Barney is excited to be going to San Fernando and is being trained by Elder Smith. Now that's a great combination.
Elder Hales is also going to San Fernando but his trainer is Elder Langsten. They are going to tear it up in San Fernando.
Elder Long will be in Jerez with Elder Waite. He is going to be perfect with Elder Waite.
Couldn't resist a picture of Sarah Jane with her brother and sisters.
Saturday we were at the Casto home outside Murcia in a small town called Cehegin. It was a youth fireside which we enjoyed tremendously. This picture belongs in the Liahona for sure.
Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast with the entire wonderful Casto family. They are amazing and we truly want to go there again. Look, 6 future missionaries in this picture and they are all fluent in Spanish and English.
Pte. Marmol and his wonderful wife. Look at the Paella we were served after speaking in Cartegena 2 and 3 on Sunday. Now that is a feast.
Elders Del Molino and Birnbaumer are excited.
As well as Elders Hall and Fredrickson.
We leave you with a Valentine treat. Actually, it was Pte. Marmol's valentine for us. Ghee, what a great guy. There is just so much love to go around in Spain. We love it here.


  1. Missionaries and Miracles galore, what beautiful spirits and smiles, Spain is blessed to have these young valiant disciples to love and teach them and they are lucky to be in such a loving, humble country.

  2. wow, I can't believe how many missionaries come there all in one week. You and your husband must be very organized. I know Elder Froberg is having a great time and we love seeing how happy he is. Cute granddaughter too:)

  3. Thank you for the time and effort that go into this blog. It was so much fun to see photos of my son (Elder Pedersen) and feel his excitement of finally arriving in Malaga after waiting quite a while for his visa. I am so grateful that I can keep up a little bit with what is happening in his mission here on the blog. Thanks again!

  4. I love reading this blog!! Thanks for posting the picture of the Marmols & the paella!!! When I served in Cartagena (7 months in 96-97) they always prepared a small paella and a small tortilla just for the missionaries when we went and ate...usually it was 4 of us, but one time it was just my compaƱera and I and they still fixed that much food for us to eat! Oh, i miss SPanish food!!
    Beth (hurlbut) Lee