Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Missionaries, New Looks, More Baptisms

We were wondering if the dress code for the Spain Malaga Mission had changed? We think the Hermanas in Sevilla look great!
This is a little more of their normal look with some of the wonderful young members in Sevilla. Great work Hermanas.
Elder Hatch is working with some of the youth also.
Elder Vaninetti can't be stopped in Alicante.
Lorca too, Elder Crawford, Larsen and Phillips are on to something.
This dear man was just baptized. He seems to be glowing. We can see the glow on the missionaries faces also.
Two new missionaries, Hna Perera and Elder Barahona. Two great young people to add to our already great group of missionaries.
They are doing their best to understand all that is presented to them.
"We don't know where we are going?" is what Hna Perera seems to be saying.
Elder Barahona is going to be with the machine, Elder Vaninetti, in Alicante. You better be ready to work!
Hna Perera is going to Torravieja and will be trained by Hna Canucci. Hey, the two Italians are training two Spaniards, that is fun.
We are now saying good-bye to 6 Elders who are leaving the mission. But note, two new faces in the mission office. Elder Avellar is our newest ayudante and Elder Stoner will be the new mission secretary. Welcome Elders, we love having you with us.
"That's right", says Elder LeBaron, "I am going home tomorrow." Always a time of mixed emotions.
We will miss the 6, Elders Bullen, Larsen, Thatcher, Wallace, LeBaron and Han.
Hey look, we were able to sneak a kiss without them seeing us.
Elder Larsen's parents came for him. It was a very happy reunion in the office on Thursday morning.
The weekend found us in Sevilla. Here are just a few shots of the wonderful sights in Triana, the oldest part of Sevilla just across the river.
From that side we see the Torre de Oro. This is where Christopher Columbus and others would store their goods from the new world when they sailed home to Sevilla.
Hna Reyes and I went into the market in Triana. We had a great time.
That evening we had a wonderful Chinese dinner with the Koh family. He is a member of the mission presidency along with Elder Clegg.
Our first official picture as a Presidency together. We had a wonderful time and also took care of some mission business.
We spent our Sunday in the LaMancha District with the sisters of the Ciudad Real Branch. We also had a wonderful fireside in Puertollano, but those pictures will be on next week. A great week in a great mission.

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  1. Haha! That picture of Elder Avellar is so typical. Super excited for him to be at the mission office, hope everything's going good. Thanks for being so awesome with this blog, Hna Clegg :)