Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Many Faces of the Malaga Mission

O.K. Elder Ferriera, what is up with this? Just because you have the only district with 2 companionships of Hermanas. You look like you have things in control.
We were in Almeria this weekend and found our Hermanas in great spirits in their new piso. Hna Capener and Hna Frandsen are excited to be in Almeria. They have a fecha already and are working on more.
We also found Elder Hamilton and Elder Bennett coming out of their piso. Elders Beck and Lignell were somewhere else at the time. Actually we were with the Elders and stopped at their piso to get some things and then drop them off to their next cita.
After church we were invited to the home of the Moraza family. Alma Moraza, two down from me, was one of our missionaries in Bilbao. Such a sweet blessing of being over two different missions. Needless to say, we had a wonderful meal.
The Moraza family is wonderful! Hna Sanchez was the 1st convert in Almeria. Now they are a thriving ward that will soon be divided. They are great examples of faithful latter-day saints who are missionary minded and are always sharing the gospel.

Hermana Sturgess and Hna Cluff with their newest convert. He is a wonderful addition to the Elche Ward.
Doesn't he look like a future leader to you?
Happy Days in San Fernando. Elders Barney and Smith and Elders Langston and Hales enjoy a weekend of two baptisms. Elder Langston is baptizing what looks like his replacement, a future missionary. Hey that's Elder Cepeda, of the Bilbao mission in there. We love all our missionaries no matter where they served.
This is the convert of Elder Smith and Barney. Things are definitely improving in San Fernando.
I promised to post some pictures of our weekend in Puertollano. Two of the young single adults of the Ciudad Real Branch joined us for the Fireside in Puertollano.
Elder Corradi is having a private moment with Presidente Clegg.
Hermana Millan is feeling right at home in the LaMancha District. Her home town branch is a small branch so she is excited to be in Ciudad Real.
We enjoyed spending our evening with the members of the LaMancha District.
Who are those good looking Elders waving at us?
It's the newest Elders in the Malaga Mission. From L. to R. Pres. Clegg, Elder Pallas, Elder White, Elder Card and Elder Phillips. They are excited to be in the mission and we are to have them in the mission.
We need a little refreshment before we start the orientation. I think the ayudantes are excited for the food.
The most exciting time is to find out where you will serve. Elder White was guessing in Extremadura but nope, he is going to Algerciras with Elder Masterson as his trainer.
Elder Card is also going to Algerciras with Elder Ward as his trainer.
Elder Phillips scores a touchdown as he guessed on the first try, Sevilla with Elder Stanley as his trainer.
Elder Avellar knows where Elder Pallas is going. Yes, Sevilla also and his trainer is Elder Froberg. Great areas with great trainers for everyone.

Now Elder Avellar, don't look so sad. Elder Brian didn't eat all the food!
This is a great group with a lot of work ahead of them. We are so excited to add them to the already incredible group of missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission. We baptize in this mission and these Elders are going to find out soon how great it is to be here.


  1. You know what. Hma Moraza was one of the missionaries that came when I was there in Oct. with Rob, Matt, & Nikki. Wasn't she the sister who served in the same place her Mom did or something? That is so crazy she is home. How fun.

  2. Fun to see Elder Cepeda and Hna. Camarero in these fotos! And I must admit a little nostalgia at seeing the foto of the Hnas. with their new convert in Elche - I miss the palm groves!

  3. Buenas tardes a todos, este comentario va dirijido a Elder Ferreira, eres un misionero con suerte, bueno tu compañero tambien jejejeje, pareces el jefe de las angeles de charly, pero Charly no se ve, asi que Chraly tendria que ser tu compañero jejejejeje, Elder aun le recuerdo de cuando visitamos alicante mi familia y yo, y estamos felices de conocerlo, esperamos que todo le vaya bien, aunque visto lo visto creemos que si jejejejeje, bueno un abrazo a todos y en especial a los que hacen posible que podamos disfrutar de todas estas fotos.
    Que Dios les bendiga a todos por la gran obra que estan haciendo en esta Mision.