Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mission Tour and Mission Surprise

Elder Velasquez, please say this isn't the door to your piso?
Last week we were in Cuenca and we didn't get the picture of the branch on the blog. This is a great group of people. This week I was having difficulty loading these pictures so this will be a blog of little words. It was an amazing week with a mission tour with Elder Manfred Schutze and his lovely wife Helga.
Always lot's of love for the Hermanas. Yea, Hna Bozeman.
Missionaries need to eat before baptisms. Elders Sanchez and Stowell show us how.
Baptisms all over the mission starting in Cordoba with Elders Burdette and Stowell.
Torrevieja was next. Yea Hna's Cannuci and Perera.
Huelva has their newest member. Yea Elders Shaver, Fagersten and Niebergall.
Cordoba again but this time with Elders Stowell and Sanchez.
The Hermanas in Sevilla, Hna Montes de Oca and Bozeman are on top of their game.
Cartagena 1 is happy with Elder Mervai, Travis, Pratt and Jordan.
Elders Adams and Heywood are happy in Chiclana.
El Puerto is saving souls with Elder Ferguson and Velasco.
We started our mission tour in Cehegin with the Casto family and Elder and Sister Schutze. We had a beautiful family night with a beautiful family.
Murcia with the mission tour. Hermanas are happy.
Elder Pedersen is showing off his food arrangement.
A great start with the Elche and Murcia Zones.
Elder Biamont what is so funny? I think I'll ask Elder Thornley later.
We had a wonderful visit from Bro. and Sister Menlove. Brother Menlove serenaded us at lunch with hymns with his harmonica in Granada.
With a sea of wonderful Elders and Hermanas we thought a picture of the "adults" would be nice. From l. to r. Bro. and Sister Menlove, Elder and Hna Clegg, Pte and Hna Clegg, Sister and Elder Schutze and Hna and Elder Hunt. Sister Menlove was the former General Primary President of the church and our Hna Clegg, (Gayle) was her 2nd counselor. Royalty in Granada.
Another great conference with La Mancha, Granada and the Malaga Zones.
In Sevilla we found two neighbors, Elder Pallas and Elder Langston. They are both from the great town of St. George.
March 24th, and it is my birthday. The missionaries sang to me and gave me a card. (The other Zones did the same but it wasn't really my birthday yet.)
The 3rd and final conference was as special as the first. The whole mission has been "Schutzed?"
Yes, and lot's of pictures to be taken.
So after the guests left, it was time for a little relaxation? Actually, the office Elders were coming to take me for a birthday lunch without the President. Something is a little different, but President said o.k.
We went to the Hard Rock Cafe past Marbella.
Dah, this is how Elder Moss looks after a day full of calls from around the mission. We love you Elder Moss.
We were dreaming Nachos all day long.
Then what could be better than a game of bowling. Don't we look like champs. But there was one more thing to do. I was wondering if they were ever going to take me home. We came back to the mission home to the surprise of my life.
Our oldest daughter Hillary had just flown in from Utah. This was a plan that Pte and Hillary had worked up all by themselves. She even brought us each a new I-Pad. Wow, do birthday's get any better than this? She brought her sister-in-law Jenny, who we will picture on next week's blog. Wow, what a week and what a surprise.


  1. Hermana Clegg, your birthday is Elder Avellar's 1 year mark on his mission.. Not sure if he shared that info but it's cool! haha. Happy birthday Hermana Clegg, looks like it was a great celebration :)

  2. Hermana Clegg, glad that your birthday was as SPECIAL as YOU are, thanks for being the best Missionary MOM a mom of a missionary could ever pray for, we have really been blessed by you taking care of our dear ones, THANK-YOU

  3. My son Mitch is leaving for the MTC on March 27th! He is so excited to come to the Malaga Mission! It looks like a great place for him to come!

  4. Sorry he is leaving April 27th! He can't wait!!!