Sunday, April 3, 2011

Changes and Baptisms

You might be wondering why Elders Moss and Stoner have their desks in the front waiting room of the office? We requested about 8 months ago to have the secretaries offices remodeled as the two were in separate rooms. Finally things are getting done and so there is no place for them except up front. With their happy faces it makes it just fine. Our daughter Hillary and I are taking with Pte. and Hillary's sister-in-law Jenny a p-day to do some sightseeing in Spain.
Elder Salls is working right to the last minute of his mission. But for some reason he seems to have mistaken this Hermana for one of ours. Oh we love everyone in Spain and welcome all who want to Come Unto Christ.
We were visited by a lot of Thatchers this week. Elder Thatcher just can't stay home. He was released 5 weeks ago and now has come back with his parents and grandparents. What a joy to meet them. We surely felt the wonderful strength of Elder Thatchers family.
Now most of you don't know who these people are. Well the pretty blonde on your left is our youngest daughter Ally, who lives in McKinney, Texas. Next to her are two future missionaries who have calls to come to the Malaga Mission. What people do to get on the blog!! Actually we are so excited for the day when they will be with us. Stay tuned and watch for their arrival.
We certainly wanted to show Hillary some of our churches in Spain. We enjoyed a great day in the Malaga 1 and 2 Wards. Such great wards that add a lot of strength to the church in Spain.
A visit to Spain wouldn't be complete without visiting the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla. Jenny and Hillary really enjoyed the beautiful blue sunny days in Southern Spain.
Don't we all have to try Churos and Chocolate?
The Mesquita in Cordoba is incredible to see.
But p-day still includes telephone calls.
We wanted to show all of you our new car. It is an Opel Insignia Wagon. It gives us more space to haul all the boxes and packages around the mission. Of course we asked for white, that is the color of our mission!
Speaking of baptism. Murcia had a little bit of a different baptism last week. What is with the buckets?
Elder Solari knows, and he is there to serve.
Elder Pederson is doing the same thing, carrying water to the baptismal font. It seems that it was filled the night before but the drain wasn't put in. So it was time for action and the Elders and members pitched in to help the Hermanas.
Yes, it was Hna Boseman and Hna Ackerman's baptism that took place, in spite of the fact that the font had to be filled twice.
Elders Wells and Becerra had a wonderful baptism in Alicante.
Chiclana has been experiencing a lot of baptisms lately. Elder Adams and Elder Heywood have been working diligently.
Elder Jordon looks happy at his first baptism in Cartagena.
Elders West and Bradley can't be stopped in Malaga. We baptize and confirm in the Spain Malaga Mission.


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  2. Felicidades a los misioneros que acabais vuestra mision con HONOR, en especial quiero agradecer al Pte Clegg y a la Hna Clegg por su dedicacion.
    Elder Willson, Elder Niebergall y Elder Fredrickson os quiero y espero que vuestro regreso sea maravillos al volver a vuestro hogar, nunca olvideis esta gran experiencia que Dios os dio, y recordar, el Profeta Thomas S. Monson lo que a dicho, a casarse pronto nada de hacer los bueno ya sabeis jajajajaja, un abrazo a todos, y a quien se encargue de esta pagina quiero decirle que muchas gracias por que asi veo a misioneros que pasaron por cartagena y disfruto del progreso de ellos y de los bautismos que realizan.

  3. Hello!! my name is Alejandra Moreno, and I have been called to serve in this mission, I have to be on july, 20 at the CCM... and these days I've been looking for information to know more about everything, and is great that I found this blog, I like the pictures and I hope to be soon there =D