Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bring On the Jamon!

We know the Spanish like their fish but Elder Taylor, what's up with this? Alcala is the home of the big Shark. And of course, our missionaries can conquer anything.
4 happy Elders in Cartagena. You will see why when you see a little further where they held their last baptism.
Almeria has a great District that is working hard to find more and teach more. Elder Bennett is leading the charge.
O.K., we couldn't keep this picture a secret for long. What a beautiful spot for a baptism. This investigator insisted on being baptized in the ocean. With special permission, it was able to happen. What a beautiful, clear, quiet and private morning.
We had this baptism picture last week but it was without all the Elders together. They all wanted to be on the blog some more.
Elder Wardell and Elder Burdette had a beautiful baptism in Malaga just before Elder Wardell went home. This was a baptism to remember.

Just thought you would like to see the progress on the office. The wall between Elder Moss and Elder Stoner's office is gone.
But they are still in the waiting room. It gets a little crowded when the Zone Leaders start coming in before consillio.
Now what is going on at the mission home?
Elder Avellar found one of the painters. We are getting the whole house painted and they are still working on it. Such a big project but the house will look fantastic when it is done.
3 new Zone leaders this transfer, Elder Redd, Elder Fagersten and Elder Hamilton.
But we still have the "abuelo" to show who is the Elder in charge. Way to go Elder Smith.
Elder Goodman is ready to "thrust in his sickle."
All the Zone Leaders are ready to work because the "field is white, all ready to harvest."
What is that doing in the kitchen? Yes, that is a hoof.
I caught you Fina! Actually Fina helped me to know exactly what to do with a Jamon Serrano. This is one of the missionaries favorite food in Spain and we decided to have at it at the mission home.
These ham legs are cured for over a year in salt and then they are ready to eat. Fina taught me how to cut off the fat to get it ready to eat.
The Elders were excited to eat but first we had some work to do. Elders Froberg and Sanchez were willing to help in the kitchen.
Elder Salls and Elder Phillips just wanted to play chess.
A few others had to watch the action.
And of course, they had to do a few things before they could eat and then leave the mission.
Last time for Elder Niebergall at the mission home.
And here they all are, the group of 14 missionaries. Having served well, are ready to return home full of memories and testimonies that have grown. Great work Elders.
On Thursday morning, after 13 had flown out, Elder Langston's family came to pick him up. What a wonderful family and yes, a wonderful reunion. The day all families and friends look forward to. It is worth the wait to see the joy of a family together again. A little glimpse of the joy in the Celestial Kingdom.
And the mission goes on. We started our April training by going to Malaga first. We have the Malaga Disrict showing us their chapas.
As well as the Fuengirola District.
The next day we were in the land of LaMancha. The Hermanas had to leave a minute early to catch their train. Yea for the Women of LaMancha.
And of course, the Men of LaMancha. What a great group of hard working Elders.


  1. Love all of your articles ! I'm so happy to see my brother Elder Thomas Corradi happy in Spain :)

  2. My son Elder McGarry entered the Provo MTC today! He is so excited! I love looking at your pictures! it loooks like and amazing mission!

  3. Your posts have brought back a lot of memories for me. Especially serving in the mission office as well as my 2nd baptism that was done in the pool at the mission home. I served from 1994-1996.