Sunday, April 24, 2011

P-days and Baptisms and Conferences

Beautiful sites all over this beautiful country of Spain. Pte. had to go to Badajoz for some branch business and afterwards we spent an hour walking around Merida. This is a beautiful city in the mission that doesn't have missionaries but has beautiful old Roman ruins. This bridge was first built in 25 B.C. The city itself was recently renovated in 1608. That's what we call old.
Of course we want to highlight baptisms in the mission. The Zone Leaders, Elder Smith and Elder Kusseling are busy in San Fernando. We also had some more baptisms and when we get the pictures, we will include them on the blog.
Missionaries are about service. Here Elder Bennett and Lignell are helping a man get to church. Way to go Elders.
Missionaries do have p-days and here is the Zone of Elche at sharing a p-day together. I think they were playing futbol (soccer). The sun is shining on the Elche Zone as they are working hard to grow the church.
The Zone Leaders of Sevilla, Elder Stanley and Fagerston along with the District Leader, Elder Stowell and his companion Elder Hales enjoyed a p-day seeing the sites of Cordoba.
Hermana Frandsen and Capner along with Elders Bennett and Lignell are always discovering sites around Almeria.
Pte. and I took a p-day hour finding some of the sites of Merida. This is the temple of Diana. Quite impressive sites.
Pte. was trying to seeing if he could move a stone or two, but since they have been there for almost 2,000 years, I don't think they are going anywhere.
This weekend we were in Ciudad Real for the District Conference. Not every district has a baker as the District Pte. Pte. Pedraja cooked some empanadas for everyone. Elder Basurto volunteered to help serve and eat of course.
Elder Corradi was helpful to load some of the props for Hermana Cleggs talk. I didn't get a picture of the quilts when they were set up, but maybe next time.
Elder Card and Corradi helped us get all our stuff in the car. Great Elders doing great things.
A picture of the Presidents. Pte. Clegg, Pte. Velasquez and Pte. Clegg, not a bad looking trio.
The Cleggs fed the Cleggs after the District Conference and then it was off to the mission home, 4 hours away.
So as we say good-bye to the week of Semana Santa in Spain until next year.
And the sun sets in the west on a beautiful Easter day, we wish all of you a Happy Easter from the Spain Malaga Mission. In the Spain Malaga Mission we baptize and confirm worthy converts!

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