Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Training and More

I had to put our little grandson Will, who was sick this week on the cover of the blog. Many of the missionaries have had a flu this past few months and probably felt like this. Just so you know moms, we do our best to get them better. Please don't send their Binkys!
What, we aren't sick? That's right, this week we had the Zone Leaders and the District Leaders in the mission home for training. But who came first?
First and foremost is always a baptism. Great things keep happening in Alicante. Way to go Elders Becerra and Wells.
Elder Brian isn't too sure of what is going on, but Pte. knows it is time to start Zone Leader Council. It's a great time of the month to gather and set new goals.
These Zone Leaders are full of animo. Elders Taylor, Langsten and Smith are always on the front row, smiling and sharing ideas. Thanks to Elder Goodman at the piano. Elder Stanley and Froberg are doing their best in Sevilla. Great Zone Leaders everyone of them.
We have a few more Zone Leaders as we have now split the Elche Zone. Elders Ferriera and Giler head up Elche, while Elders Fetzer and Basurto are over LaMancha. Elder Solari handles Murcia with Elder Taylor (who is in the other picture). And Elder Wardell, who looks so happy, is doing a great job with Elder Burdette.
Elder Moss is always on the phone, while Elder Stoner is getting to know his job. He has been trained well by Elder Niebergall. Elder Christensen loves Granada while Elder Avellar is looking forward to his first Zone Counsel as an ayudante. It is time to start.
What, Elder Smith is leading the singing? We like that. We had a great training and heard some wonderful ideas for all the Zones.
Yes, let me put you on my back and I will show you the way! The Leaders of the mission are here to support and sustain all the missionaries in the mission.
Hey, watch it, we don't want anyone to fall.
Do Elders really think these kind of pictures look good?
With the District Leaders filling in, the whole room was filled with the spirit.
Learning how to work together as District Leaders and Zone Leaders will help the mission to function better. We are also sure we will have more success.
Elders Alejandre, Fetzer, Adams and Kusseling are excited about all that they have to take back to their District and Zone.
It was a downpour of rain so we had to take our picture inside. I think that is the first time. Oh well, rain doesn't dampen our spirits.
We are now in Malaga and I am with Bro. Leonardo Silva. A wonderful member who made us some wonderful tamales and salads for lunch at the Specialized Training in Malaga. What a wonderful surprise which we all enjoyed.
Oh no, Elder Brian is out of control. Dont' do it Elder Niebergall. Elder Stoner doesn't know if he really wants to see this.
Sorry Elder Langsten, I think it is gross too, but what can we do?
Our wonderful Malaga Hermanas, Hermanas Bascope and Rojas have a new missionary. This is Hermana Kleska Marcera. She has submitted her papers to go on a mission and is currently doing a mini mission with the Hermanas. She is so enthusiastic and fun. We love having her if only for a week or two. Later that day the sisters set another baptismal fecha. They looked in their area book and found an old investigator that is now ready to be baptized. Yea for the Hermanas.
We had to get a picture of Pte. Clegg too.
What is going on here, a pyramid? But we can't see Elder Bradley's face. Elder Niebergall get on the top would you!
Now that is better. A great Malaga Zone. Welcome back Hna Hunt, it's so good to have you back here with us.
It's on to Sevilla where Pte Clegg is checking on what Elders Phillips and Stanely are up to.
Actually, the Sevilla Zone is working on the assignment from the assistants. They are working them!
Elder Niebergall, why aren't you in the office? Well we know, it's because for the last part of his mission he is going to be working in Huelva with Elder Fagersten and Shaver. They are all excited. We will miss you in the office!
We are now doing our scripture chase portion of Specialized Training. Pte. is passing out the cookies and the Elders and Hermanas are trying to find the scripture. Not too much success here.
There goes a few hands. I think Elder Froberg was first.
Wow, this one had a lot of hands up. Elder Salls is sure he was first. I don't know, hard to tell. We have some smart missionaries.
Ah, missionary love! They just can't get enough of each other some days. It's o.k., Elder Taylor, we understand!
Elder Stowell is trying but you can't hold down Elder Bailey. No one is more excited about being a missionary. Elder Hatch hopes he doesn't explode. Just get that Elder out in the streets, he is ready!
We had a great day in Sevilla. A great Zone who is working hard and loving life.
Holy moley, we are in San Fernando. Hna Carter is ready as well as everyone else.
Now Elder Avellar, you have to share the candy.
Elders Long, Hales and Card are starry eyed and thumbs up over the cookies. I'll have to make more next time.
Elder Heywood, what are you doing? Just eat the cookie! Elder Velasco and Elder Waite and Elder Adams seem to be doing fine.
Here is a 3 generation photo. Elder Langsten on the right is the "Grandpa"? who trained Elder Masterson on the left, who is currently training Elder White. Elder Langsten, we all hope we can look that good when we become a grandpa. Elder Waite is saying "like yea!"
San Fernando Zone with a great focus and great animo. You made our day today.
Saturday and Sunday was the Stake Conference in Cadiz. They held the Sunday Session in this wine museum in Jerez. Jerez actually means Sherry. This is where Sherry wine was created. Inside those two doors is a wonderful auditorium that was filled. Elder Causse came from the Area Presidency and we enjoyed a wonderful conference.
This is inside the building. We were all treated to a 360 degree slide show complete with Tabernacle Choir music after the conference featuring all the temples in the world. It was truly inspiring. Pte. Clegg is with Paco and his wife and his sister and her daughter. They have all been baptized since Paco was baptized last December. Paco received the Melcezidick Priesthood today. It was a great day.
I am with a wonderful sister who is from A Coruna, in the north, who lives in the south, who first met us when she was visiting one day in A Coruna in the north and anyway, we love her and the wonderful joy she radiates for her love of the gospel. She is a faithful member of the Cadiz Stake.
And what could be better than 4 handsome missionaries, the Elders of Algeciras, Elders White, Card, Masterson and Ward. They don't realize it but that is the BOUNTIFUL TEMPLE behind them. Ghee, this looks like the beginning of District 3? They had to hurry home for the baptisms of Mustafa's wife and child. He is a recent convert who is now baptizing his family. We baptize in the Spain Malaga Mission. We baptize and confirm worthy and righteous converts! That's what we do!

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  1. The missionaries look like they are having a blast! I love my sweet Willy on the blog! He is doing so much better. I hope the missionaries are staying healthy. Love you!