Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Joys

Christmas parties in Wards and Branches were happening throughout the mission. Elder Ferguson and Elder Wells are enjoying giving Santa their Christmas wishes.
But first, we have baptisms, beautiful families joining the church. Elder Bennett and Elder Waite are happy in Jerez.
Hna's Frandsen, Montes de Oca and Carter are enjoying seeing the fruits of their efforts to spread the gospel throughout Spain in Cadiz.
Almeria is aglow in Christmas spirit with Elder Hamilton and Elder Adams enjoying their baptism.
Elder Ferguson and Elder Wells are also happy to spread the gospel in El Puerto.
We now jump to Elche where we find Elder Vaninetti as Papa Noel trying to grant Elder Velasco his Christmas wish.
The Lorca District is doing their best to depict the Nativity in the Christmas Zone Conference.
Now why do these Elders have their pants rolled up and their shoes don't match?
Well, Pte. Clegg got up early and just happened to put on shoes that didn't match. Oh well, we all can't be perfect all the time!
Maybe he should use these glasses to see better with! Elder Fredrickson and Elder Smith think Hna Clegg should use them once in a while. I don't know, maybe they aren't the right style for me?
Elder Marchello and Elder Giler are ready to eat. The Relief Society of the Murcia provided a wonderful Christmas lunch.
Wow, look at those deserts.
Brother Pepe Ponce and Pte. Marmol came and shared a few inspiring thoughts with the Elche Zone. We love these men and appreciate their time and efforts in the missionary work in the Elche Stake.
Great group that brought a great Christmas spirit to Elche.

One of the many beautiful places in our mission.
But nothing is more beautiful than seeing a missionary at work. Elder Waite is hard at work with Elder Bennett.
Elder Avellar and Elder Alejandre are squaring off to see who teaches their newest investigator first. Now let's get along Elders!
Going around the mission finds us back in time to welcome Hna Boseman to the New Spain Malaga Mission. We are so excited to have her come. She is the first of 14 visa waiters to finally make it here. She is so needed.
We bring her up to the office where she is peppered with instructions from the office Elders. But she is amazing and is taking it all in.
We needed to take a little time to eat. No time to go to the mission home so we bring the lunch to the office. It works.
A final picture before she is whisked off to the train and off to Sevilla to be with Hna Frandsen. Welcome to the best mission in the world.
What's this, p.j.'s and presents? It must be Christmas. Elder Solari is part of a "Chino Christmas."
Elder Brian is ecstatic about air gun bowling.
All Elder Bullen wanted was a cinnamon roll. He's easy to please.
A few munchies to open presents by.
Stress balls for Elder Niebergall. That should help on those pressure days in the office.
Oh no, say it isn't so. A whistle for the President. That's a present Hna Clegg might have to loose!
All kidding aside, we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. All the missionaries in the New Spain Malaga Mission had a wonderful Christmas talking to their families and feeling the love of the Savior in their lives. We wish all of you now a Happy New Year as we ready ourselves to welcome in 2011.


  1. Elder Froberg it was so good to talk to you miss you ,know you love it there:) see you in a bit.

  2. Once again, thank you for this wonderful blog. It is always so exciting to read the latest goings-on in the Spain-Malaga mission. Best wishes to you & President Clegg in the upcoming year. My son, Elder Masterson, loves the both of you. Thank you also, for delivering his Christmas package. That was so thoughtful and it really made an impression on our son.

  3. Merry Christmas to all the awesome missionaries and especially to Pres & Sister Clegg for their love and service to them all, you can really feel the love by all the sweet pictures and darling captions, thanks for loving them all!!! Our phone call was the best present ever, hearing that everything is "fantastic" according to Elder Froberg.

  4. I just found this blog by chance and it reminds me great memories. I served in the Spain Malaga Mission during 2002-2004, more precisely in the following cities: Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, Jaen, Chiclana and Sanlucar. I'm glad to see the work is progressing in that beautiful part of the world. I wish you plenty of success for 2011. (GB from France)