Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Very Specialized Week

Elder Taylor is calling all of Spain to repentance. It doesn't hurt to be 6'7".
We were on the road for the entire week meeting with all the missionaries in specialized trainings.
The number 1 Hermanas of Elche, Hnas Ackerman and Brown are all smiles.
Elder LeBaron is feeling left out. We can't all be #1 but we can all be great missionaries.
The northern half of the Elche Zone are looking great!
Yes, Elder Ward, we are all trying to "wear out" our shoes like you!
The southern part of the Elche Zone is looking great too, but Hna Cannuci, why are you hiding?
Now that is better. Dos Hermanas! (Yes, Elder Larsen, we know you used to serve in the city of Dos Hermanas.)
Elder Birnbaumer is trying to get his ankle better with the help of his companion Elder Thatcher.
Three sharp looking Elders in blue ties, way to go Elders LeBaron, Froberg and Wilson.

We crossed Spain to get to Malaga. The Malaga Zone is looking sharp. As soon as we were finished here, off we ran to the train station.
4 great new missionaries arrived. Elder Velasco, Hnas Rojos, Bascope and Carter. They were all smiles as we greeted them and welcomed them to the best mission.
We enjoyed soup at the Malaga Capilla as we had some very tight train schedules to catch.
Hna Stolk and Hna Bascope are off to Ciudad Real while Hna Carter gets to start in Cadiz.
Elder Solari you can't get on the trains with the Hermanas. We got the Hermanas on their trains with about 1 minute to spare.
Back in the capilla Hna Millan is welcoming her new companion, Hna Rojas to the mission. They will be dynamic together.
Elder Velasco was able to relax for a minute with the other Elders before he left for Alicante. 4 wonderful new missionaries to the mission.
We stopped in Granada but didn't take any pictures. Sorry Granada zone, we will do some great ones next time. But the Sevilla Zone sure looks like a happy zone. What are those faces Elders Han and Fagersten are making?
O.K., we are taking a poll, who is the tallest in this companionship?
Let's try it from this direction. Hmn, I am still not sure, how about you?
Hey, they really don't care, so they shared with us their "Asian" smiles. Oh missionaries can be crazy at times.
And look who sort of surprised us. Our son Garrett and his wife Rachael are in Spain for a visit. But they were suppose to be in Italy today. They got caught in the air traffic control strike in Spain and ended up after a day, a night and a day of no sleep, taking the train to Sevilla to join us. They won't make it to Italy, but it means they will be with us a little more and we are excited. They are standing in front of the incredible cathedral in Sevilla.
That night we attended a wonderful baptism in Jerez. 4 people were baptized and more to come in Jerez in a few weeks. Elder Waite and Giler have worked hard and almost didn't make the baptism. They were caught on the weekend without a bus from the San Fernando training to get back to Jerez. A great member picked them up and all went well. Sorry also to the San Fernando Zone, but we will get more pictures of you later.
We found at the baptism Hna Bascope's brother and his wife and son who were visiting his wife's family in Jerez. The Bascope family have 10 children and Hna Bascope is the 6th to serve a mission. What a great family.
Sunday we went to church in El Puerto Santa Maria. What a great chapel and what an even greater branch of people inside.
Elders Wells and Travis joined the President and the Stake President and Stake Executive Secretary of the Cadiz Stake after fast and testimony meeting in El Puerto. Great men, all of them.
And to top off the night, we had a small fireside in Algeciras. Where is Elder Stowell? Oh so sorry, our daughter-in-law didn't get you in the picture. You can see his shoulder next to Elder Ferreira. Maybe next time. A busy week filled with many miracles and wonderful work by fantastic missionaries.


  1. great tie elder Froberg! we love you. keep up the good work. -Lesha Olsen

  2. I am so delighted to see the pictures of Hermana Carter on the blog! Thanks so much. And thanks for the love you give to the missionaries. You have a great spirit of camaraderie in the Spain Malaga Mission.
    Oh- and I got her address and sent off the Christmas Package. So all is well.