Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yes, We Are Thankful

Nothing makes us more thankful than to have baptisms. The Office Elders love baptizing Vitoria in Fuengirola on a beautiful sunny Sunday.
We are thankful to be able to see old missionaries with their wives. Elder Castellon is happy and married in Elche with his beautiful wife, Stefanni.
How can we not be thankful for more baptisms. They had a wonderful baptism in Alicante of Anna who was introduced to the gospel by her friend who is standing next to Elder Becerra. What great member missionary work.
And Paqui is pictured here with Hnas Brown and Ackerman with Hermana Caballero, who introduced her to the gospel. We are liking all this member help.
And even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving anywhere except in the USA and Canada, we had to celebrate in the mission home. The Malaga Zone choose to have their p-day with us and eat a little turkey. It was a sacrifice, but someone had to do it!
"Yea, that's right" said Elder Niebergall while Elder Solari is already sleeping just thinking about the effects of a big turkey dinner. Hnas Millan and Stolk seemed amused!
Elders Bullen, Brian and Wallace look like they are getting enough. Elder Wallace made us a green bean casserole to go with the meal. The Hermanas made the salad, Elder Brian and Solari made some cookies as well as Elder Niebergall made some treats. Elder Bullen was just happy to be able to eat it all.
Elder Hunt and Elder Sanchez aren't too sure what Elder Christensen is laughing about. The fact is Elder Christensen makes the BEST truffles. Wow, a diet breaker here.
Elder Romney and Elder Niebergall have just had too much. Elder Niebergall, is that a belly you are growing? (It took some effort to do that you know)
What do you do with a mission president that forgets his dress shoes? You call the Elders for help. It's a good thing that Alicante had Elders serving there. We drove out the night before in a terrible rain storm and decided to wear our p-day clothes and sweaters in the long car ride. That night Presidente realized he didn't have his shoes. But the Elders to the rescue with a pair to borrow from Elder Becerra. Elders Ward and Vaninetti were at the church waiting for us to arrive. Way to save the day Elders.
After church we posed with the newest member in Alicante and her friend and friends family. It was a wonderful morning visiting both wards in Alicante.
It was off to Elche for a fireside and the Hermanas and Elders look ready for the night. We love Hnas Brown and Ackerman and Elders Marchello and Wardell. Great things are happening in Elche. We had a wonderful night filled with the spirit and many members of the Elche Wards and some from the Branches of Crevillente and Torrevieja. Life is wonderful in the mission field.


  1. Sharing shoes with an Elder....gross Dad! I hope you wore 2 pair of socks. I bet there is something in the white handbook about that!

  2. We Love this blog, even though the mission- puzzle photo was a surprise! We laughed and thought; she's a funny girl, a lot like her brothers!

    Could you tell her for Chris, our last one..., Argentina, Salta, he reports Jan 19th!! Hma. Ackerman is excited for the Concilio, but is missing hearing this from us, so you telling her will surprise her!! Thanks for all you do for these kids and loving everyone there!