Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Goings and Comings.

Elders, what are you doing? And where is Elder Avellar's white shirt and tie?
What is this, pyjamas, p-day clothes, toothbrushes and white shirts. What is going on here? Well, we'll will tell you later, right Elders?
We start with the work of two hard working Hermanas in Murcia, Hnas Guerra y Ruiz de Mendoza. When they knock doors they
baptize and
and baptize!! Way to go Hermanas
Hnas Ruiz de Mendoza and Ackerman are celebrating their birthdays which are two days apart. Happy Birthday to you!
Most of the Elche Zone is gathered together. Are these some of the best looking missionaries on the planet? Claro que si!
We had to take one last picture of the ayudantes with El Presidente because Elder Halverson is going home.
Elder Halverson is turning over the work to Elder Solari and Elder Brian, the new kid on the block.
Yea, yea, we are going home. Elders Black, Halverson, Hurley and Ruiz de Mendoza are at the mission home for their last night in the mission. They don't look too sad about it. Hey nice apron Elder Brian.
For desert we had a cake and to his surprise we sang Happy Birthday to Elder Brian. His birthday is actually the next day so we truly surprised him.
After the wonderful testimony meeting it was time to lighten up. What are you trying to do Elder Solari?
It's called a Thizz face and look at the experts, Hna Mendo and Hurley.
Elder Black is leaving his last bit of advice to Elder Brian before he goes home. Elder Black hasn't told his girlfriend he is coming home on this date and is she in for a surprise on Saturday. How did it go Elder Black?
A wonderful group who have served with all their hearts. We are going to miss them but wish them the best with all our love.
The next day we started with our next specialized training where Elders Bennett and Masterson are showing off the weight they have lost. They each have lost around 25 lbs since they came on their missions. Way to work hard Elders. Our missionaries do a ton of walking every day.
We always start with some good food. Elders Stowell and Redd are giving their approval.
Elder Masterson looks like he is ready for a mouthful.
His companion, Elder Burdette had to get in the picture along with Elder Donoskovic. Got to keep them fed and watered!
I think they are all doing well.
Elder Taylor is giving the thumbs up on making sandwhiches for the last day.
Here we have the tall and short of the mission. Elder Bassurto is probably our shortest Elder at 5'2" and Elder Taylor is our tallest at 6' 7". But they both have big hearts and work diligently.
Desert is always a great part of eating. Elder Basurrto and Bullen will agree.
Ghee, all these eating pictures are making me hungry.
It was a beautiful day on the morning of our 3rd and final day of the training.
Time to take the tables down and put the mission home back together again.
This is a great looking group of Elders, who worked hard. We enjoyed them so much. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn was contagious and we had a great training.
And let's jump for joy because we are the best missionaries in the best mission in the world.
Finally on Sunday we went to church in Jerez. What a great ward. Afterwards we went to the Elders piso because there are some repairs to do. Elder Waite is saying, "Hey look mom at the mess!" Actually they have been busying cleaning and working to get it in order.
Elder Giler is a little sad at the current state of the kitchen. But better days are ahead for the Elders in Jerez. Actually they are doing great and the work keeps going forward.


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful website! It is great to get to see the Mission Home, Pres. & Hermana Clegg, and all the wonderful missionaries. What a beautiful place Spain is!
    I found your blog as I was trying to discover the address of the Spain Malaga Mission Home.

    My daughter Hermana Laura Carter is now in the Spain MTC and I think she will be coming to you about 4 days before Christmas. I'm trying to figure out where to send her Christmas package.
    It looks like you have a fabulous mission there. Hermana Carter will love it.
    Kristine (Tina) Carter

  2. Great pics! Elder Avellar was really sad to leave Jerez but I'm sure he'll love his new place in Motril. However he needs to eat more, he's getting too skinny! Hope you're feeding him!! :)

  3. My Grandson, Elder Max Forrest arrives tomorrow in Malaga. Please post the mission address. Thank you!