Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hurrah for Zone Conferences

We always like to start with some of our baptisms. We would have more if the missionaries would send me their pictures. Ciudad Real enjoyed their baptism.
Almeria is doing their part to reach our goal of 200 baptisms for the year. We are currently at 168. The faith of our missionaries is strong and we will see this goal come to pass.
The Hermanas in Sevilla had a wonderful baptism.
They were just so happy.
This was a week of Zone Conferences. It was wonderful and Elders Stanley and Salls are busy getting the food ready for the Sevilla and San Fernando Zones.
Looks like the Elders are enjoying the food. They are having a spiritual feast too, but you have to feed the missionaries.
Yes, we are all smiles here!
Elders Redd and Waite look happy.
I think they look like they approve of the food. Kabob burritos, everyone likes that.
Hnas Montes de Oca, Ramirez, Hidalgo, Clegg, Cluff and Frandsen, after our small break-out session as Hermanas. They are the best!
Two great looking Zones, San Fernando on the left and Sevilla on the right. They brought a wonderful spirit and are going out ready to do better.
Woa, what a surprise, Elder Wells decides to pick up Presidente Clegg. That was a little exciting.
Tuesday we were back in the mission home to say farewell to two Elders who need to go home for medical reasons. They will be missed in the mission.
Elder Siddiqui and Elder Talbot, we wish you well.
What, they had Kabobs in Sevilla? Well in the Malaga/Granada Zone we had meatballs and rice and the best salad ever. Top that one is what Elder Romney seems to be saying.
Hna Millan agrees, this one is top notch.
Happy Elders in these two zones. Elders Brian, Beck, Moss, Christensen and Gold are ready for anything.
Look mom, new glasses! Actually, Elder Stoner is borrowing Hna Clegg's glasses because he didn't bring his glasses and had to throw away his contacts the night before. We are glad they worked!
One thing we do at every Zone Conference is sing Happy Birthday to everyone who had a birthday since the last conference. We always have some fun with this.
The Malaga Zone did a special number which we all enjoyed.
The Cleggs, Hna Stolk, Hna Millan and the Cleggs! Shall we say the Hermanas are surrounded? The Cleggs are loving their assignment in Ciudad Real and we are loving having them here.
We had to let loose just a little bit at the end.
The Granada Zone is on the left and the Malaga Zone is on the right. We had another fabulous Zone Conference. We were taught about planning and prayer and study and the patterns of faith. Whew, a lot to learn.
O.K. Hermana Ackerman, what is on this puzzle you are putting together in the Elche Zone Conference?
What? This doesn't look right. Actually, this was a joke where before her mission she dressed up as a mom to be. Well we have to admit, you look great in the picture, but we are glad you are here with us.
Elder Marchello is delighted with the food in Elche. Hot Dogs with lots of fixings!!
Elder Froberg is catching up on things with Presidente Clegg
I think we have some happy, hungry looking Elders
Yea for the Hermanas of the Elche Zone, Hnas Ackerman, Cannuci, Guerra, Brown and Hermana Clegg.
Elders Del Molino, Becerra and Vaninetti are tearing it up in Alicante along with Elder Ward.
Now this is one great looking Zone. We left Murcia for the long ride home, but our hearts were happy at the state of the mission and the hard working missionaries that we have.
In Sevilla this week they were having an Open House for the new Stake Center that was going to be dedicated on Saturday, Nov 20th. The Deputy Major of Sevilla came for the inagural tour. Pres. Blanco as well and Pres. & Hna Clegg are looking on as he is answering the many reporters who followed him here to this event. This happened on Tuesday, Nov. 16th.
Here he is being presented with a Book of Mormon. He was very impressed by all the displays and what the church is doing. The saints of the Sevilla Stake did a wonderful job in preparing for the open house.
You can see him answering questions in front of one of the many displays.
On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, the dedication took place. It was a wonderful program with an incredible choir with many members from the Granada Stake coming in support. Pres. Faustino Lopez, 3rd from the right, presented a wonderful presentation on the history of the Church in Spain. Presidente Clegg also gave a great talk along with 3 testimonies, two of some of the first members and by Hna Clegg. Finally, Presidente Blanco, the 5th from the left, gave the dedicatory prayer. It was a very special night and the beginning of many more wonderful things to happen in Sevilla and the growth of the church there.


  1. yeah!! we love elder Froberg ready for christmas to talk to him. know he is doing an amazing job:) thanks for the blog.

  2. Thanks for the blog. Without it, we would probably forget what our son (Elder Ferguson) looks like. We hope and pray you will all realize your mission goals for the year.

  3. As we approach Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., I find that our family is VERY grateful for this blog. It is truly a blessing to see just a portion of the wonderful things going on in the mission. Please keep up the good work!

  4. We love that you love our missionaries, thanks for your love and support, they truly are blessed to be in your service as are you. So much to be Thankful for during this time of Thanksgiving.
    Love Sister Froberg

  5. Elder Heywood loves the Cleggs and the Cleggs. He loves getting to know the new Cleggs in Cuidad Real. Like others have said, it is sure nice to know that our missionaries are loved over there ~ and that they are receiving such great, inspiring training. Thanks, for all you do!!!

  6. We put our son in the MTC today. Elder Bradley, he will be joining you in February. We have so enjoyed reading your blog since he received his call. I feel such a spirit when I read about the work there in Spain and I know that it will be a wonderful place for his to spend the next two years.