Sunday, November 7, 2010

Council's and Training

Almeria is still baptizing. It is so much so because of the member involvement and hard working missionaries.
The heater in the baptismal font was broken so Elder Hurley and company had to figure out a way of heating water.
One bucket at a time. But it worked!
Halloween isn't too big in Spain but in Sevilla rumor has it that the best party was in the Stake Center. Our Hermanas Frandsen and Cluff along with Elders Phillips and Vaninetti stole the show.
"Mooving" right along are Elders Basurto and Bennett. Dos Hermanas is full of all kinds!
Monday afternoon Presidente Clegg says welcome to the mission home, it is time for Zone Leader Council. Elder Vaninetti is looking on.
Elders Vaninetti and Phillips are working so hard in Sevilla. They have 9 fechas. (baptismal dates for people) Now that is what I call England and Italy working in hyper-speed. Notice the matching ties!! Unity?
With Presidente on the deck are Elders Romney, Brian, Langston, LeBaron and Bullen. It was an absolutly beautiful morning.
Elder's Black and Romney are best friends, and the Zone Leaders of Malaga. That's what we like to see.
A great council with a lot accomplished. What a tremendous group of missionaries.
So we will jump for joy!
The next major activity of the week was another training session with 20 of the best missionaries in the world. Elders Stoner and Heywood enjoy a reunion in the mission kitchen.
Elder Birnbaumer looks content to be in the mission home. Elder Hurley isn't quite sure of that, but we think everyone is excited for the training.
Trying to get a picture of the whole group just before we start. This was a great group who were eager to learn and to work.
And now from the other side.
When you have 26 missionaries in the house you have 26 hungry mouths to feed. Taco soup was on for this day.
Elder Heywood and his companion weren't feeling very good. Unfortunately Elder Heywood missed the second day, but recovered full for the last day. Elder Fetzer managed to get better faster.
Elder Alejandre is such a great new Elder. We caught him reading his white handbook of instructions for a missionary.
Elder Halverson is thinking, I can't be going home this next week? Elder Hurley is thinking, you are and you are coming with me. We are going to miss these two incredible missionaries.
The Cleggs are offering their advice to Elder Marchello. Wow we feel so much support and love and help when they are with us. Every missionary loved meeting them and talking with them during the 3 day training.
Presidente says, "Am I done yet?" Three days of teaching can be tiring, but he handles it magnificently.
Elder Waite and Elder Moss are enjoying their apples during a break.
So are Elders Sanchez and Becerra.
Elder Solari, what time is it?
"Uh, desert time, I think", says Elder Brian, our newest ayudante.
"Don't give us anymore Hna Clegg we are stuffed! " I don't believe you Elder Marchello, no missionary has ever eaten enough! I think Elder Smith and Halverson would agree.
It's medio dia time and the dear missionaries are studying. Oh well, looks like Elder Fagerston is catching a little shut eye before the afternoon gets underway.
Here you have the 3 Virginians. All of these great Elders are from Virginia, Elder Moss, Elder Waite and Elder Stoner.
Elder Fagerston is a great piano player, he has his own C.D. that he sold to help fund his mission. He is wonderful and we are enjoying his talents to the fullest.
Just before bedtime we enjoyed some singing around the piano.
The last day of the training we sang "Happy Birthday to Elder Talbot. His birthday was really the next day, but since we had so many together we decided to surprise him with his favorite food, peanut butter.
Singing the mission song at the end of every session was great. It is a wonderful song that we are all growing to cherish.
Green was the color of the days for the Hermanas and Elder Moss's tie. We didn't even plan it.
Now this is a handsome group. Done with training and ready to return to their areas to work. We know the work will continue going up and the spirituality of each missionary has increased.
On Saturday the office Elders and Presidente were ready to go to work at cleaning and re-organizing the office. "We are ready Hna Clegg, put us to work! Do you think I made them work? A picture is worth a thousand words!


  1. Glad to see Elders Fetzer and Heywood were well taken care of when they weren't feeling well. They all look like a happy bunch of missionaries. How awesome to have the specialized training sessions. Presidente does look tired, but I hear he does a great job training. Thank you, Cleggs!

  2. ¡Has cumplido tu objetivo reorganizando la ofcina! ¡Buen trabajo, Hermana Clegg!