Sunday, December 19, 2010


We did it! We have officially 200 baptisms and counting. By the end of Sunday there will be a few more with more for the next week. We are so proud of our missionaries and all their hard work. Here were some baptisms of Elder LeBaron and Brian in Murcia.
Elders Romney and Sanchez are seeing success in Malaga.
Elder West and Paulonelli are baptizing in Chiclana.
As well as Elder Wells and Travis in Puerto.
Elders Stanley and Ferguson are loving life in Badajoz.
And there is a lot of happy people in Valdepenas where Elder Bader and Moss have been serving.
Elder Romney and Sanchez again, growing the ward in Malaga.
Elder Heywood and Fetzer are bringing joy to Alcazar.
Now to a little bit of the light side of the mission. Elder Bullen, our somewhat quiet office financial secretary was given a book to overcome shyness. He doesn't look too shy to me!
Can you name those two caballeros!
Now this looks like taking serving your companion to the limit!
The Malaga Zone is in a line-up. Who is the one who baptized last?
Elder Stowell is going to great lengths to find someone to teach.
Elder Wells, no kissing on the mission!
Now we turn to a special night. We are sending home 5 wonderful missionaries who we will miss immensely. Elder Bader wanted a Christmas dinner so we prepared one even with some English Crackers!
You pull them open and find a prize and a crown to wear. Everyone looks hungry and happy and royal.
Go Hermana Brown, you can pull them all!
A wonderful night spent with Elder Gold, Hermana Brown, Elder Paulonelli, Elder Romney and Elder Bader. We hated to let them go, yet so grateful for their wonderful service in the mission.
On to our Christmas Zone gatherings. We enjoyed good words, fun skits and great food. I am not quite sure what Elder Velasquez is doing, but he sure looks like he is the man in charge.
The Sevilla District presented a great 12 days of Christmas song, missionary style.
Oh my, two Santas. They look like they have a bag of goodies for everyone. Who could they be?
Elder Niebergall is full of joy in sharing the mission Christmas card. Elder Stanley and Stowell look happy about it.
We had our Stake Pres and our Stake Mission Leader from Sevilla to join in the fun. We are so grateful for their presence.
Pte. Blanco can play a mean game of ping pong.
A great looking group, the Zones of Sevilla and San Fernando.
Elder Langston is wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
The next day we were in Malaga for the Malaga/Granada zones to have some Christmas cheer.
The Almeria and Granada Districts stole the show with their nativity scene. I think Elder Beck makes a wonderful baby, especially since it was his birthday.
The office district got into the holiday cheer with their own original Christmas song.
Elder Bullen can't wait to hug Santa and get his gift.
We were fed by the Granada Stake Presidency and presented with ties and scarfs as gifts. It was a wonderful feast.
Paella, wow, and it was even better than it looks!
The two Zones look full of cheer as we gather for our group shot. We had a wonderful day together. Monday we will be in Murcia for the Elche Zone, and then our Christmas parties will be complete.


  1. So exciting, it is a great time to be a missionary in Spain!!

  2. Merry Christmas to all those who are serving in the Spain-Malaga mission.