Sunday, November 13, 2011

November is upon us.

The only thing better than baptizing, is seeing a father, who was recently baptized, baptize his daughter. Elder Long and Elder Nally love doing missionary work in Badajoz.
Elder Corradi loves being a part of missionary work too. Baptisms are always so sweet, especially the children.
Before Hna Ackerman left to go home, two of the missionaries she trained became companions. A sweet legacy of work and effort. Hna Woffinden and Hna Sypherd are working hard to do what the Lord expects of them and what Hna Ackerman taught them to do.
Transfer day is full of missionaries coming and going. Elder Shrewsbury is leaving Murcia while Elder Melgarejo is new to the mission being trained by Elder Bennett. All Elder Forrest can say is good-bye and welcome.
The LaMancha District is showing off their style on their p-day together as a district. You go girl, Hna Sturgess.
The LaMancha District enjoyed the holiday of Halloween with a District Halloween party. Our "babies" in Valdepenas seem to be doing fine.
The Hermanas think a pair of dice might come in handy one day! They enjoy the activity along with the branch members. They had 22 non members at the party. Way to go LaMancha.
Elder White and Elder Peterson are??? men in white?
It's much easier to tell who these two are, men in Black. Now they are cooooooool!
But nothing was better than watching Elder and Hna Clegg cutting a rug on the dance floor in Ciudad Real. What a pair. The smile on Hna Clegg's face says it all.
This week brought our Zone Leader Council. We enjoyed a great council that will help to continue to push forward the work of the Lord.
We love singing the mission song. What a great song.
Now what is this? A new fashion statement in the mission?
I guess so when you have a tear that big in the rear of your pants. We are just grateful this happened in the mission home where we could repair it. Elder Pratt was happy too.
We found a few more in need of hemming pants or sewing on buttons. Well what is a gal to do but get out the machine and fix it. Elder Lignell liked wearing a pair of President Clegg's pajama pants.
Such a great looking group. And this time was a little different, every companionship had a new companion, so we thought we would introduce all of them as a companionship.
Elder Bailey and Elder Lignell are over the Elche Zone. With those smiles they are going to be finding and teaching a ton.
Elder Pratt and Elder Pederson are on the move in San Fernando.
Elder Waite and Elder Alejandre are in charge in Sevilla. Notice as I went around taking pictures, other Elders had to get in their funny faces. Don't think Hermana Clegg didn't notice.
No worries for Elder Forrest and Elder Shaver in Murcia. They are excited for all the possibilities in their Zone. O.K. Elder Pederson and Elder Pratt, we know what you are up to.
Yep, Elder White and Elder Peterson are quite confident that the work is going to explode in LaMancha. Actually, it already is and they will do their best to keep it going. We see you Elder Manning.
Yes, Elder Fergusen and Elder Manning are making it great in Malaga. Elder Alejandre, you need to keep Elder Waite under control and happy.
Elder Birmbaumer and Elder Dunoskovic are already tearing up Granada with 8 baptismal dates set. Elder Lignell, good try at looking serious.
Well we couldn't leave out our office Elders. Elder Fagersten, Elder Ferreira, Elder Taylor and Elder Fetzer are doing great work. Hey, Elder Taylor, you are the only one who's name doesn't start with an F and yet you are our Finaciero. Go figure.
We spent the weekend in Casares but on the way we stopped in Sevilla to see the missionaries there. All are doing great as all have baptismal dates set with baptisms near. Elder Stoner, Elder Thomas, Hna Crowder, Hna Carter, Elder Alejandre and Elder Waite loved sharing a kabob with us.
This is the beautiful old city of Caseres. It is amazingly preserved. This weekend they were having a medival fair. The city was filled with people and music.
Every town has their ode to the Semana Santa. This is truly a part of Spain.
But the best people to see is always the missionaries. Elder Basurto, and Elder TodoRojo, aka Elder Allred are doing all they can to continue the wonderful work in Caseres. We enjoyed a wonderful branch activity Saturday evening and a great conference Sunday. (Notice Elder Allred's chapa does say TodoRojo. It is great. And the best part of it was Elder Basurto hadn't seen it. He was very surprised.)
As the sun sets on the straits of Gibraltor, we bid you adieu after another wonderful week in the Spain Malaga Mission. The mission that is filled with the hardest working, most obedient, kindest and greatest missionaries on the planet.

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