Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gone Baptizing!

Yep, you read it right, in the Spain Malaga Mission we baptize and confirm worthy converts. It was a record breaking month filled with joy and exhaltation over the many new converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Our favorite Mad Scientist Willy, will tell you the magic number. 46 in one month!! Don't forget to go to the end to see the rest of Pte and Hna Cleggs grandkids. We just couldn't leave them off this Halloween week.
Much of the joy was experienced by Elder Dangerfield and Elder Hales. Their fingers are showing you the number of baptisms in one weekend in Malaga 1. Yes, you read it right, 8 in one weekend.
Yes, they all happened & they have the 8 baptismal records to turn in. Malaga is pumped.
This little guy isn't one of the 8 baptized. His sister was baptized and he is hoping to be baptized in a few weeks. We all need to become as the little children, pure and sweet.
Here is # 1 of the 8 baptisms.
3 more were getting baptized on the same night. Elder Hales and Elder Dangerfield were ready to be in the font for a while.
The next night was a family of 4 that were baptized. Here with them are the 4 that were baptized the night before. Great new converts with testimonies that are radiant.
Elder Pearce and Elder Barahona are busy in San Lucar baptizing again. Way to go Elders.
Oh and you can't count out Sevilla. Elder Alejandre and Elder Ferreira were baptizing just before Elder Ferriera came into the office.
Aljerafe had a sweet baptism. Elder Hall and Elder Card were excited. This young man was baptized by his cousin who is definetley going on a mission in a year or two.
Elder Becerra and Elder Dunoskovic had a very special experience in Granada. This was a special baptism, where 4 men had to carry this gentleman into the font. His son is a member and the baptism was a very special experience for everyone in attendance.
Elder Hafen and Elder Banbury were delighted to have a baptism in El Puerto. They have been working hard for a long time and were excited to take one precious soul into the waters of baptism.
We couldn't have too many baptisms without having one in Alicante. Elder Masterson and Elder McGarry keep the spirit of finding and teaching and baptizing going strong in Alicante.
And Cartagena had another baptism. This young man watched his brother and father get baptized the week before and felt that he was ready. Hna Ackerman and Hna Sypherd were happy to make the arrangements.
Yes, we are here to Invite Everyone to be baptized and Elder Thornley used his etch-a-sketch skills to draw our 300+ baptism goal. Next to the Savior makes it a special work of art.
Last Sunday we were in Ciudad Real for the LaMancha District Conference. Elder Weidman and his beautiful wife pose with Elder and Hna Clegg and a wonderful family that were baptized just recently in Puertollano. They are going to be going to the temple hopefully next year. This is what it is all about.
After a busy day in LaMancha and a fireside in Malaga, we came home to say good-bye to two wonderful warriors. Hna Ackerman has been a shinning star all throughout her mission. Hna Massaro and her dear husband helped us to get them to the mission home.
The other great warrior is Elder Becerra. Everyone who worked with him know this missionary knew how to work and find and teach. We will miss both of them.
Elder and Hna Stevens also helped to get the missionaries to the mission home and help to prepare the dinner. After a wonderful dinner we had a very special and sweet testimony meeting. These are always special times.
We said good-bye with heavy hearts at the thought of not seeing them in the mission any longer, yet excited for their futures. They served the Lord with all their heart, mind, might and strength. There is nothing more we could ask from our missionaries.
Wow, who are all these great looking missionaries? Why they would be our 7 trainers of the 7 new missionaries who came into the mission this week. Elder Avellar, Elder Bennett, Hna Perera, Hna Bascope, Elder Velasco, Elder West and Elder Peterson are excited.
They should be. Look at this great looking group of missionaries who arrived ready to go to work. We love getting new missionaries.
They have to get oriented. Always a few things to fill out and get straight.
There is so much love in the office. Elder Fagersten and Elder Ferreira were companions in Sevilla. It's great to see each other again. Elder Ferriera is our newest ayudante if you didn't know already.
The trainers just can't wait to meet their new companion. This is always so much fun.
The table is set, what a huge group we are going to feed today.
O.K., it's time to come in and meet the new ones. I never know who is more excited, the new missionaries or their trainers.
Well let us introduce you to them. This is Hna Vega next to Pte. Clegg, and she will be serving in Elche with our ever working, always smiling, Hna Bascope.
Who is Elder West hugging?
It's Elder Gomez and he will be serving with Elder West in Jaen. We are happy to have Elder Gomez here. He had a biking accident and had to postpone his mission a few transfers to recover.
Hermana Moreno is going to be with Hermana Perera in the every exciting city of Almeria. She comes to us from Costa Rica.
Elder Marcote is a visa waiter as his mission is to be serving in Ecuador. We don't know how long he will be with us but he will be trained well by Elder Velasco in Cordoba.
As well, Elder Melgarejo will be with us for a short time. He has been called to serve in Puerto Rico but that doesn't matter to Elder Bennett. They will be working in Murcia and doing all they can to find and teach and baptize.
We have another Elder Mendoza who is going to be working hard in Antequerra with Elder Avellar.
And finally, Elder Hoyos will be in Malaga 3 with Elder Peterson. They will be a very dynamic companionship. Elder Hoyos is an exciting missionary ready to go to work.
Elder Hoyas is estatic at hearing that they have a baptismal date set for one of their investigators. A great way to start your mission. This group was full of excitement and abilities that will be put to work immediately in the mission field.

Oh my, what faces. All that Elder McGarry and Elder Masterson were asked to do was help find an additional apartment in Alicante. Come on, Elders, it isn't that bad!
No, Elder Mervai and Elder Blanch are calm and cool and collected. They will help settle down their piso mates in Alicante.
Elders Gibson, Taylor, Ferguson and Mockler did a little sight-seeing for their preparation day. Lot's of Cristus Statues in Spain.
Elder Taylor we do hope you didn't drink all of that pop!
Elder Taylor and Elder Gibson giving some service to help organize a store for some members. Way to go Elders.
Do any of you recognize these 4? Yes, 4 x-missionaries, more specifically Hermanas that wish they were still here serving with us. Great young ladies who worked hard this year to help achieve our goal of 300+. Former Hna Stolk, Hna Montes de Oca, Hna Frandsen and Hna Cluff all say hello and that they are praying for us. Thanks Hermanas. We love you too.
Now this is what we call a companion going the extra mile for her companion's birthday.
Cute Hermana Rojas made Hermana Vasquez's birthday a wonderful day.
Ghee Elder Pearce and Barahona, you are looking a little spooky. Actually, just had to pay tribute to Halloween and feature 12 of the cutest little grandkids of Pte and Hna Clegg, alias Grandpa and Grandma Annie!
Our youngest grandchild, our little Sarah Jane is such a cute little cow.
Here she is with the rest of her family, Big sister Ellie, who was a bag of skittles, Henry who was Optimus Prime and AnnieKate who was the little mermaid.
3 other great little Cleggs. Sophie and Grace were little fairies and brother Brady is a fearsome knight.
Big brother Sam is a shark.
Then he is followed by his little brother Will who is our mad scientist.
And their family is rounded out with their pretty witch little sister, Abby.
Cam is an adorable lion.
And finally, his big brother Jack was also a transformer. Just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share the little people of our family with everyone here. They are always praying for Grandma and Grandpa and all their missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission and that they can be successful. We know that their prayers are always heard and answered.

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