Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hooray for Zone Conferences

As every week goes by in the mission, we have baptisms. Fuengirola is baptizing again. Elder Fetzer and Elder Ferreira are always inviting people to be baptized and two angel women accepted.
And the same goes for Elder Alejandre and Elder Waite, the two Zone Leaders in Sevilla. They know and understand their purpose as missionaries.
Elder Thornley and Elder Jordan baptized a beautiful couple in Algeciras. There is never any doubt that they know why they came on a mission.
Alcazar is seeing white again. Maybe it is because Elder White likes to bring others unto Christ.
He and his companion Elder Peterson, the two Zone Leaders in LaMancha, are doing all they can and working with sincere hearts and real intent. The Lord will always make up the difference.
Elder Bennett and Elder Malgarejo are finding those to baptize in Murcia. Way to train your new companion Elder Bennett! We have heard that Elder Malgarejo is all about talking to everyone and doing his best. That's what missionaries do in the Spain Malaga Mission.
A wonderful old Roman bridge in Murcia along with the Cathedral reminds us of the beauty that is all over Spain.
These are some of the saints that come into Murcia once in a while and then other times the Missionaries go out to them to take them the sacrament. The wards are growing and in the near future there should be another ward in Murcia. That is great news.
The windmills of LaMancha are always something to be fascinated by. Elder Peterson is tall enough to catch one of the panels of the windmill. Maybe he is going to push it faster?
Whoa, you didn't have to whip it that fast Elder Peterson. Elder White is trying to stay grounded against the wind. Notice his tie being blown back.
This week meant Zone Conferences. We are so excited to get started. As we drive up to the capilla in Sevilla most of the San Fernando Zone was arriving. What a great looking group of excited missionaries.
Always happy to have lunch after a great morning of being taught and doing several practices. The role plays were wonderful and we know all of the missionaries learned from practicing.
Are Elder Rodriguez and Elder Crawford happy or what? Great missionaries are happy missionaries and these two are great.
This table of missionaries are also happy to be fed after the great morning.
We enjoy singing Happy Birthday to those who have had birthdays since the last Zone Conference. We had a lot this time.
So nice to have Hna. Crowder to play the piano for the special number. Elder Geest offered to help turn the pages.
The Sevilla District along with the Hermanas from Cadiz sang a beautiful song that set the tone for the afternoon.
Didn't we see these two happy Elders earlier? Yes, but look, matching Chino ties. They are really the dynamic duo.
More matching ties but these two are not companions. Elder Jordan and Elder Pederson received these ties from the former Elder Del Molino and Elder Solari who are home now. Just a little hello to two former soldiers!
The Sevilla and San Fernando Zone Conference was wonderful. We felt the spirit and learned so much from each other. Thanks to some 31 missionaries for all the work they are doing to bring as many people unto Christ as possible.
Wow, now we can let our hair down and sigh a sigh of relief after a big day:)
On to Malaga where we had the Malaga Zone, the Granada Zone and the LaMancha Zone all together. This will be our biggest group. The tables are set with homemade empanadas from one of the members in the Malaga 1 Ward.
Here he is taking a picture of a group of happy missionaries. Want to see them?
3 cheers for a great lunch! They are all ready to eat.
We had an equally wonderful conference in Malaga. Elder Kirkham and Elder Walton enjoy seeing each other again. Can you just see how happy and hard working they are! What a great representation of all of our missionaries. We are having a wonderful time serving the Lord in Spain.
Elder Ferguson and Elder Peterson are pointing the way to each other. This looks serious.
Elder Hoyos and Elder Mendoza are sharing their great smiles for everyone.
Now we have the tall and the short of it. 3 of the tallest Elders with 2 of the menos tallest Elders. We love every one of our missionaries no matter what the physical size because they all have big hearts of gold. Elder Taylor, Elder Gomez, Elder Peterson, Elder Basurto and Elder Hatch are all super!
"Mom, please help me", is what Elder Manning seems to be saying. Actually he and Elder Ferguson, our two Malaga Zone Leaders are happy that all went well during the conference. They were in charge of the food and the set up. Great job Elders.
Two more Zone Leaders, Elder Dunoskovic and Elder Birmbaumer did a great job in teaching at the Zone Conference. Hey, we even got Elder Birmbaumer to smile a little bit more. Good-looking and hard working these two Elders are. Granada is exploding.
Elder Long says "Go Tigers" (He and Elder Seeley's home team of Hurricane High just won the state football championship but he doesn't know that yet) He and Elder White are showing all the world that Elders everywhere who have the Spirit with them are happy.
Now this is an impressive group. But would you believe it, someone is missing. Do you know who?
Why it was Elder Massaro. We are glad we found you.
The next day came fast as we found ourselves with 4 happy Hermanas in Murcia. Hna Rojas, Hna Vasquez, Hna Vega and Hna Bascope are as happy as can be. All super missionaries.
Two other great Hermanas, Hna Woffinden and Hna Sypherd are with Elder Hunt, Elder Bradley and Elder Phillips as we all enjoyed another great lunch served by some of the wonderful members in Murcia.
"MMM good" say the 4 Zone Leaders, Elders Lignell, Bailey, Shaver and Forrest. Along with Elders Estrada and Hamilton and Bennett.
Some more thumbs up from Elder Masterson, Elder McGarry, Elder Banbury, Elder Valenzuela and Elder Bennett again?
Can't leave out our other Hermana companionship, Hna Woodward and Hna Ross are always lighting up the room when they come in. Looking great Hermanas!
Elder Mockler and Elder Marchello, you know, Elders M & M, look like they are feeding Elder Taylor Elder Marchello's birthday candy. Elder Taylor wouldn't mind that.
And desert is great according to Elder Bennett and Elder Malgarejo.
We ended happy and healthy and ready to be the AVE'S we can be. (You would have to be there to understand.) The Murcia and Alicante Zones are up for anything and continue to set feches, teach people not lessons and bring many many souls unto the Savior. We are happy in the Spain Malaga Mission and we are baptizing in the Spain Malaga Mission because we know what "OUR PURPOSE" is.

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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful updates! I'm Elder Shaver's sister, please give him a hug for us...we miss him so much but are so proud too!