Sunday, May 6, 2012

To the Temple We Go

You have to leap with joy when you see a photo like this.  3 converts of one year, Ramon, Lydia and Juan.  They are holding up their temple recommends as now they can go to the temple to do their own endowment and Lydia and Juan will become an eternal family.  This is the goal we have for every convert.  It was a wonderful day in Badajoz.
 Our secretaries are at it again.  You just can't stop Elder Thornley and Elder Staples in Fuengirola.
 It was a wonderful day in Jerez.  Elder Keller was able to participate in his first baptism while Elder Valenzuela knows it won't be his last.  
 Sevilla enjoyed a great day of baptisms.  Elder Masterson and Elder Seeley love the color white.
 At the same time in the same ward Elder Hafen and Elder Lignell are also doing what they can to help bring a family together in the gospel.
 Welcome our newest couple, Elder and Hermana O'Niel.  They come to us from Salt Lake and are eager to be a part of the wonderful Spain Malaga Mission.  We are excited for them to be here and the help they will be in the office. 
 The Elders in the LaMancha District were quite excited to see Presidente and Hna Clegg walk in with Dunkin Donuts at their District Meeting.  But that is usually what Presidente and Hna Clegg get for the new missionaries at the train station, so what is going on in LaMancha?
 Welcome Hna Brimhall, our newest hermana to the mission.  Hermanas Carter and Moreno were very excited for her arrival.  They went out that night and set a baptismal fecha.  Way to go Hermanas.
 They presented her to the District and all the Elders are showing her a hand of welcome!  We want her to feel loved.
She does, and we love her too.  Hna Moreno will be her trainer as Hna Carter goes home in 3 weeks.  But for now, there is a triple team going on in Ciudad Real.
 Just a few shots of the everyday life in the Spain Malaga Mission.  Elder Hales, in Alicante finds it interesting to find a man asleep with a cigarette in his hand.  Teach him about the Word of Wisdom Elder Hales.
 They also found a door that let it be known who they didn't want knocking at their door.
 That's right Elder Hales and Elder Rencher, you know how to say "no" in Spanish without saying a word.
 6 former Hermanas in the Spain Malaga Mission just wanting to say hello.  We miss all of you but we are sure they miss us more!!  They are missing out on all the fun here.  Hna's Frandsen, Millan, Stolk, Ackerman, Cluff and Montes de Oca.  Great Hermanas. (Hna Frandsen is getting married soon.)
 Speaking of weddings.  We were invited to attend the Civil wedding of Pablo Blanco and his beautiful bride Victoria Lasson.  It was a beautiful day in Sevilla.  This is the 3rd Blanco wedding in 10 months. They will go to the Madrid Temple the day after, but in Spain, you have to be married civilly first.
 It took place in the Columbus Hall in the City Hall.  It was beautiful. 
They exited to a spray of confetti.  It was very nice and we wish them well.  We know they had a special day in the temple.  Pablo served his mission in the Boise Idaho Mission and his bride is from  Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar.
 We finished our interview schedule with the Malaga and Granada Zones.  We are in Malaga with the two Districst.  L. to R. Hnas Woodward, Meldrum, Perera and Martin.  Elders Birnbaumer and Gomez with Hermana and Elder Massaro behind.  Next we have Elders Mora, Spainhower, Long, Peterson and Thomas.  Elder Spainhower was without his beautiful wife who had a minor surgery a few days earlier.  She is doing well and we hope to see her out and about soon.
 They are always creative in Granada.  L. to R. Elders Hatch, Crawford, Anderson, Shaver, Mendoza and Nunez.  Lot's of smiles with this group.
 We traveled to Nerja where we found the smiling faces of Hermanas Gibson and Petru and Elder Aviles and Velasco.  Nerja is where the Balcony of Europe is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  But all we see are happy missionaries with fechas abounding.  Very hard working group.
 Finally to our wonderful office.  L. to R.  Hna O'Niel, Elder O'Niel, Elder Manning, Hna Stevens, Elder Thornley, Elder Stevens, Elder Alejandre and Elder Staples.  They are so important and involved in so much behind the scenes that keep our mission running.  We love them all. 
 And now to the missionaries with wet feet and soaked clothing from working in the rain....
To Elders always contacting....
 We say with Ramon, we love you Elders and Hermanas.  You are all working so hard.  We have more baptismal fechas than ever thought imaginable, more lessons taught and you are still finding and inviting all to Come Unto Christ. 
 And to all the mothers in Spain, "Happy Mothers Day"  from all of us here in Spain.
Our Ayudantes are jumping with joy at the dedication and work of everyone.  We are excited, we have passion, we have urgency and we love being in the Spain Malaga Mission.
 And to all the tired missionaries at the end of the day we say "We feel your pain."  
 Sevilla is a beautiful place with many diverse looks.  This is one of our favorite streets in this enchanting city. 
The City Hall with the horse carriages everywhere.  Spain is a beautiful country filled with history, mystic and tradition.  We are honored to be serving here with the best missionaries and members in the world. 

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