Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Very Busy Week

We start this week with a tender mercy. Elder Serrano finished his mission last week. His younger brother was currently in the CCM in Madrid waiting for his visa to come for him to go to the United States and serve in the California, Los Angeles Mission. They were able to spend an afternoon together.
Baptisms are going on every week in the New Malaga Mission. Elder Hurley and Dunoskovic see another baptism in Almeria. Way to go Elders.
Hermana Guerra and Gum had a great baptism just before Hermana Gum went home.
Hermana Eberly and Ruiz de Mendoza had two beautiful baptisms in the last week of Hermana Eberly's mission.
Here is the second baptism.
Now what would have 3 Elders busy in the sink of the Mission Home? Elder Goodman knows, they are fixing the disposal that the Elders accidentally clogged. You never know what you might be asked to do in the mission field.
Elder Vaninetti says don't get me involved, in Italy they don't have too many disposals.
Elders Bullen, LeBaron and DeMolino are enjoying the backyard of the mission home. Wait a minute, why are these Elders at the mission home?
It's Zone Leader Counsel and they are ready to eat.
These are a great group of leaders who are valiantly doing all they can to lead the mission. They have the desire for all the missionaries in this mission to succeed in inviting everyone to "Come Unto Christ."
Now what do we have here? It looks like a lot of Hermana's Chapas. Why would all these be together?
Because we are having an Hermana training. We wanted all our Hermanas to be trained at the same time. What a sweet joy to have all the Hermanas in the mission together at the same time to get to learn and grow together.
We also celebrated Hermanas Millan and Guerra's birthdays that are happening the following week.
The mission home was filled with the singing of angels.
Elders Halverson and Solari feel a little outnumbered. They came to help in translating and doing whatever was needed. They are great!
5 office Elders are looking a little intimidated by
12 Hermanas. The Elders were great, they served the Hermanas and did all the dishes. Thanks office Elders.
They all seemed to enjoy their desert of ice cream bars.
I know Elder Bullen, what are we going to do with Elder Niebergall. He just won't fit in the garbage can!
Singing the mission song at the end of the training is always special.
Thanks Hermana Cluff for playing the piano.
This is what 12 Hermanas look like pulling a funny face.
Now we get their beautiful smiles. A great circle of love.
We thought you might like to see the bunk rooms that we have in the Mission Home. This is what we call the Elder's side with 11 beds to sleep on.
This is the Hermana's side with 7 beds. Cute Hermanas. For the training we had 6 sleep on each side. Each room has it's own bathroom. It is a great set up to house missionaries.
Our group shot under our beautiful tree. We were inspired by the Hermanas willingness to learn and to grow.
Hermanas Frandsen and Cluff were enjoying their little climb into the tree.
Finally, our daughter Nikki and her 3 children arrived here in Spain on Thursday. They are here for 10 days which is such a blessing for us. Nikki is also expecting her 4th child in February. We love getting re-acquainted with a few of our darling grandchildren.


  1. Pres. and Sister Clegg,

    My name is Ginger Johnson, I'm a member in Layton Utah and I have an interesting request. I would like to know if you could put me in contact with an English speaking member in Malaga Spain who could help me locate wigs and prosthetics for a cancer patient who is living there but who is having a hard time finding the things she needs as she goes through treatment. I am the Director of Happy Chemo! which is located in the states and helps connects cancer patients with products and services to make the cancer experience easier to endure. You can go to to read my story and see who I am. I received an email from a woman in California asking for help because her sister is currently living in Malaga and is having a hard time finding the things she needs. I know this isn't directly mission related - but who knows what doors it could open as we help this woman in need. Please email me or call me (801) 388-1699 to discuss further. Any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Fun pictures and well done on including the sisters!! So fun to see Nikki and crew, I really wish I were there too.

  3. My name is Travis Nuttall. I was a missionary in this mission back in 1992-1994. Part my time was spent in Melilla where I baptized a young lady name Agata. I'm still in contact with her. A while back I contacted Sister Clegg about her and whether anyone had ever reached out to her after the area was closed to missionary work many years ago. I do not remember the details of what Sister Clegg told me. But then just recently I was contacted through Facebook by a gentlemen in Melilla who says they have a small member group that meets there every Sunday for meetings and that the Mission President occasionally visits. He asked if I thought Agata would be interested in attending the meetings. I told him I'd find out and just a few minutes ago sent Agata an email. I trust that since this gentlemen had her name that he's legitimately a faithful member of the church. But before I put him in contact with Agata I thought it would be safe if I just made sure that he's truly doing the Lord's work there. Can whoever reads this comment and has contact with Sister Clegg have her send me an email to

    Thank you.