Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dresden or Bust!

We start the week in Elche at the beautiful Elche Chapel located in a palm tree forest. It was such a beautiful crisp fall morning, we just had to stop and admire it before we went in. I think that Elder LeBaron is doing the same.
Inside we had a great specialized training. Afterwards the missionaries were given their "Halloween treat" which is a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup. They love them. You can't find them in Spain so the missionaries were delighted.
"Yikes" says Elder Wardell when he sees the food that the newest member in Elche, Jose Antonio is preparing for the missionaries for lunch. Elder Marchello can only smile with joy at the anticipation of eating this wonderful....
Paella. It is incredible. Have you ever seen such a huge cooking pot? Wow, thanks Jose!
Speaking of newest member, here is his picture of his baptism day with Elder Serrano and Elder Moss.
The love and happiness in Lorca is continuing with Elder Waite and Froberg.
And Elder West and Paolinelli are baptizing again in Chiclana.
This is a great picture of Hna Montes de Oca. When she was young her family lived in Rota, Spain as her dad was in the military. This was where she lived then but now it is a pre-school. The great thing is that now she is serving in nearby Cadiz, a dream come true for her and an inspiration from our Heavenly Father to Presidente Clegg.
We know what you are saying, this does not look like Spain. It isn't. This is in the center square of Dresden, Germany where we had our once a year Mission President's Seminar. It was a fantastic 4 days where we were inspired and lifted and taught.
We spent Thursday afternoon attending a temple session in the beautiful Freiberg Temple. It was a very special afternoon.
The sun was setting as we left the temple to go back to Dresden.
As you can see we are in front of a statue honoring Martin Luther, a reformer that did so much before the true church was organized. Germany is beautiful and we came back to beautiful Spain filled and inspired to help our missionaries succeed even more to invite all to come unto Christ and be baptized!
We were home for 1 1/2 hours and then we were in the car and driving to Caceres. We enjoyed a wonderful Branch Conference there. Here we have the wonderful Hermanas of Caceres, Hnas Ramirez and Cannuci along with the joyful Bresa. The members are few, but their spirits are strong and we were uplifted and strengthened to be in their presence.


  1. so amazed at the growth there and the sweet humility of those wonderful people. what a good example to us. Great job Elder Froberg we love you and miss you.

  2. Elder Waite has the happiest smile ever! It's wonderful to see the progress of the church moving forward! Thanks for sharing this blog, I love reading it each week! We're so proud of you Elder Waite! Love you much!

  3. Just can't thank-you enough for your service, so happy you got to go to Germany, my spirit is so lifted by your inspiring blogs each week, I look so foward to seeing it each week. It is so awesome to see the pictures of the missionaries so happy and engaged in the work of our Savior.