Sunday, September 19, 2010

Specialized Training Has Begun

Before we start on the training, why not share some of the baptisms that happened last week. Elder Basurto and Christensen are doing great work in Malaga 3

Elders Black and Romney with their miracle baptism. This man was taught in the past and came to them and said, I want to be baptized. We always love experiences like these.
Elder Fetzer and Paolinelli are seeing success in Chiclana.
As well as Elder Waite and Froberg, lighting up Lorca.
Now we are in Murcia, eating lunch after our first specialized training. The Elders and Hermanas did great and now we get to eat after our work.
Whoa, Hna Guerra and Elder Halverson seem a little surprised by the camera.
The next day in Elche, Elder Ward is busy getting everything ready.
Again, lunch after the training. We had homemade apple pie from Hna's Bentley and Brown. Yum, yum.
We drove on to Granada where we spent a wonderful hour with friends enjoying Tapas. It was a nice little reunion.
The next day in Granada there was a lot of excitement with the missionaries. Here are some of the missionaries of LaMancha, Elder Bader, Siddiqui, Talbot and Wiehe.
Elders Heywood, Kusseling, Becerra and Ward are all smiles and ready to go.
The Almeria Elders are always smiling. Who wouldn't when you work with the wonderful ward in Almeria. Elders Fagersten, Marchello, Hurley, and Adams love it there.
Elders Beck and Pratt are fine sharing the table with Hnas Millan and Ramirez.
The ayudantes round out the room along with Elders Gold and Del Molino, the Zone Leaders of Granada.
We gave a lot of time for the Granada Zone. Each Specialized Training we will highlight a different Zone. What a good looking group of missionaries.
The Malaga Zone did great in all the practices. We all learned a lot this day.
This is an enthusiastic zone in San Fernanado. After 5 days of training, we are ready for the weekend.
Saturday night we headed for the baptism of these two fine young men in Dos Hermanas. Elders Larsen and Bennett have worked very hard. The baptism was held in the new Stake Center in Sevilla. These two were the first in the new font. They won't be the last, in fact Sevilla was having a baptism Sunday night. Great work Elders.
Sunday was Stake Conference in the Cadiz Stake which was held in Jerez. Hna's Montes de Oca and Ackerman are with Elder Fetzer and El Presidente. They set up a great display outside of Stake Conference which was held in a theater in Jerez. They were able to get several references which always makes missionaries happy. The Mayor of the town of Jerez allowed the church to use this theater for free. What a sweet tender mercy.
And we end the week with this sweet picture of Elder Avellar and Giler with the newest members in Jerez. This is a sweet couple who enjoyed the Stake Conference. We love the members all throughout the mission, and this day in the Cadiz Stake was very special. We felt of their wonderful spirits and were edified by all.


  1. Fun to see all these pictures. I need to learn the names of these cities better so I can picture where you are when you talk about it.

  2. What a happy group of saints, thanks for your love and support to all the missionaries and to the beautiful people of Spain, I can feel your love for all of them when I look at the pictures and read your heartfelt comments.

  3. Love the blog and being able to see my brother! Thanks for keeping us updated! Our prayers are with your missionaries!

  4. Elder Avellar is a very close friend of mine! Great to see pics of him and Elder Giler who I've heard lots about. So happy to have found this blog, keep updating, Presidente!