Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is Harvest Time

Well this doesn't invoke the saying "The Field is White" but it does show us a fun old tractor in an olive grove. Thanks again Elder Bennett for some great photos. The harvest we are talking about is baptisms. And we do baptize in the New Spain Malaga Mission.
We have pictures from two cities that are "hot." Elder Fetzer and Palionelli in Chiclana are doing their best to grow the church with not one baptism,
but two!
Cartagena 3 wasn't going to be outdone. So Elder's Fredrikson, Andersson and Smith are with two baptisms,
3 baptisms and another missionary, Elder Redd.
Let's just make it 4 baptisms this past transfer. Way to work Elders! We know that the members in this ward are sensational, but so are the Elders.
The first part of this week we were in Sevilla to finish the first round of Specialized Training with the Sevilla Zone. Isn't this a great shot of the beautiful new Stake Center. It is great and so are the missionaries in Sevilla.
We had a great day with them and found that all felt like they grew and learned a lot.
We had to hurry home because for some reason the CCM in Madrid sent us two Elders by nightfall.
Hey, we don't care what time they come, just keep sending them. Here we have Elders Stoner and Dunoskovic. They went out that night with the Ayudantes and taught a little bit. They are ready to go to work now that they are finally in Spain.
After Breakfast that next morning it was time to find out where they were going.
They are both going to areas with lot's of work to do, Almeria and Cartegena,
Off they go to get on the trains and buses to get to their first areas. Looks like the flowers want to go too, but no, they have to stay at the mission home.
We happily spent the weekend in Lorca. Here we are with the newest member in Lorca. He is so excited about the gospel.
Presidente is with his two best Elders in Lorca, Elders Froberg and Waite. They are fantastic. They have a family now with a baptismal date and a few more almost ready for baptism. Way to go Elders.
We are outside the church with the Guevara family. They are stalwarts of the church here. They first joined the church 26 years ago in Almeria. Our Stake President in Bountiful, Pres. Brian Taylor baptized them. He is their "Angel."
3 wonderful women who all shared with me their conversion story. They were so sweet and special to hear.
We ended the afternoon with lunch in the home of the Luis Garcia family, the current Branch President in Lorca. What a special day to be with the great saints here.


  1. Way to go elder Froberg! we love and miss you keep up the good work:) you look so happy.

  2. Cute new short hair cut Mom, it looks great! Dad you are still looking good. I wish I were coming to see you in 2 weeks with Nikki.

  3. Thank you for sharing these great stories and pictures. I love seeing the progress!! And three wards in Cartagena! There was just a branch when I served there the last 7 months of my mission in 1996-97. THis is just wonderful!
    Beth (Hurlbut) Lee

  4. Love seeing the photos and posts about our missionaries and the wonderful work they're accomplishing! Thank you! Thank you! We love you Elder Waite!!!!